Women and Girls Strand.

The projects below are in development and awaiting the outcome of funding bids.

The Treasury

This is a partnership project with Arts for Health. Women suffering post natal depression will work with digital artists and printmakers to create work which reflects themselves and their family. The works will be exhibited digitally and in exhibition spaces.  The project will be a pilot to explore arts as part of the community commissioning programme in MK. We hope to visit some inspirational places as part of the project.

We have received a donation from MK Printmakers towards the project which awaits matched funding and the image on this page is a Drypoint print called Mother and Daughter by Di Oliver of MK Printmakers.

The recently published Independent Mental Health taskforce to the NHS in England 5 year forward view for Mental Health report (February 2016) states:

One in five mothers suffers from depression, anxiety and psychosis during pregnancy or in the first year after childbirth.  Suicide is now the second leading cause of maternal death.  Mental health problems affect not just the health of mothers but can also have longstanding effects on children’s emotional, social and cognitive development.  The costs of perinatal Mental Health are estimated at £8.1billion for each annual birth cohort or almost £10k per birth. 

Listen! A project with girls and young women from BAME communities, young carers and those with physical or learning disabilities experiencing mental health issues through cyber bullying, peer pressure and other difficulties to give a voice to their situation and importantly, give a platform for them to express themselves and to give advice to their peers, their educators and policy makers on how to effect change.  They will do this through planning a major ad campaign working with a communications company which will be followed up with a Toolkit and a Road show which will tour Milton Keynes and beyond. The young women will lead the roadshow talking to colleges, schools, media outlets and through social media in a positive way about how to bring about change.

We would then have a robust case study with transferrable and usable tools which could be disseminated and used more widely.

If you would like to discuss any of the projects here then do contact us.