I’m Diana Hatton and I’ve been Interim Director here since October 2015 and now Director from May 2017.

I specialise in organisational development with arts organisations and in visual and public arts.  I’ve worked in the arts for over 30 years  in the public, voluntary and private sectors and always with community engagement at the heart of what I do.

Having spent some time getting 40 years of incredible Inter-Action projects ready for archiving, (now held by Living Archive in MK) I am in awe and admiration at the legacy of work and the folk who have gone before and whose skills and commitment have built such fondness and respect for the organisation.

I’m here to shepherd the organisation into a new phase with new premises, a refreshed Board of trustees, new projects and new partnerships.  It is an absolute privilege to work here.

Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers

Admin Manager

My name is Maggie Rogers and I have worked for Inter-Action for over 30 years. I came as the house keeper (1986) and now I am the Admin Manager (present). It is a lovely place to work and my 3 children grew up, joining in workshops and Projects at Inter-Action and now their children come to Projects and Events. I have seen a lot of changes and have met a lot of interesting people.

Jesita Patel

Jesita Patel

Creative Producer

I started at Inter-Action MK when I was 15 (2009) work experience student then as a volunteer, to a Creative Assistant and now a Creative Producer (2017)! I manage a variety of projects as and when they run as well as the marketing side of things.

I’m also a freelance artist, I specialise in painting very colourful elephants and other animals at my art studio in Kiln Farm and I go by the name ‘Jepati Art’.

I love working at Inter-Action MK, I get to utilise my creative skills when running and planning projects as well as gaining lots of new opportunities to learn and develop myself as a Creative Producer.


Steve Howard

Steve Howard


In late 2014, I was delighted to be approached to become a trustee and treasurer.  I took up the role in January 2015.

My whole career has been in finance and for the past 20 years, Private Banking and wealth management.  However, I am looking to bring to Inter-Action far more than support with managing finances.  I have a passion for the arts and for charitable work and I can combine the two within my role here.  I hope to be able to add real value to the community and those we support!

Now is both an exciting and challenging time for Inter-Action and I relish the opportunity to work with Diana, her team and my fellow trustees.

Mike Barry

Mike Barry

Secretary and Treasurer

I have been a Trustee for several years and Chair for the last three. However, my association with Inter-Action goes back to the very early days when it was first founded.  I was connected to a local Cable Community Radio Station and we required new premises.  I knew that Inter-Action had an old caravan in the grounds which suited our purpose.  An agreement was made and we remained there for several years, until along came Health and Safety and it we had to find another location.

I have seen the many changes that Inter-Action has gone through and I admire the Staff and volunteers who have worked so hard towards our survival. There are some exciting and challenging times ahead for the whole team.  I know it is not going to be easy, but when we look back, as now we will be proud of what we’ve achieved.

Thomas Gray

Thomas Gray


Thomas D Gray is an artist, filmmaker and founder of The Gray Circle. Based in Milton Keynes, Thomas has been creating large-scale, socially engaging and interactive installations and environments for over 25 years. His artworks, called Lightscapes, incorporate light, colour, sound and moving image, and are often designed to transform particular spaces and contexts into evolving aesthetic experiences for viewers.

Commissioned by numerous public and private clients around the globe, projects include: Daniel Burnham Centennial Pavilion, film installation with Zaha Hadid Architects, Chicago; Undercurrents, outdoor light installation, Pittsburgh; Rebirth, Russian Art Week light installation event, Saatchi Gallery London; Samsung Olympic Pavilion, large-scale performance event, Sydney Australia; Whispers, outdoor daylight video installation, Greenwich & Docklands Festival, London; and Hippodrome Casino, 57-screen video installation and projection-mapping, London. 

Currently Thomas is working on 2 commissions for MK50. Grid Arts production, Home Sweet Home, a large scale performance installation that incorporates 30 community groups across Milton Keynes. And for the Parks Trust, transforming the Tree Cathedral into an interactive light and sound installation.

My career is in project management and I am passionate about the power of community projects as it makes a positive impact on people.

I feel very privileged to have joined  interaction MK and to be part of a team that can make a positive impact in the community.

I got involve with Inter-Action MK through an interest in the charitable projects they deliver to the community, and I became a member of the trustee in 2018.

As a local resident, I have a particular interest in the community projects and with a career in Project Management, I am hoping to use my skills and experience to add value to the community.