Project Strands

Project Strands 2017-20

From April 2017- March 2020 Inter-Action are concentrating our work across a number of Project Strands each of which will run over at least 2-3 years.

This brings the projects in line with our 4 year plan and allows us to work in more depth and detail.

It makes us think more deeply before starting a project about whether it really fits with our aims and makes it easier to work with partners on more strategic projects for Milton Keynes and beyond.

Our 4 Project Strands are:

1. Women and Young People.

Projects include The Treasury and Campaign.

2. Skilling a diverse workforce

Projects include Groovy Gecko refresh, Class of 21 and Get In!

3. Community Links

Projects include Three Gardens for Bradwell Abbey and Groovy Gecko.

4. Inter-Action MK The Sector Hub

Projects include Class of 21 and strategic partnerships.