Community Garden, Bradwell Abbey, Thursday 4th June, 12-2pm and 5-7pm

Please bring correct change and maintain social distancing of 2 metres. All profits go back into maintaining the community garden.

Aubergine x6 – £3.00
Brussel sprouts x6 – £3.00
Cauliflower x6 – £3.00
Turnips x6 – £3.00
Butternut squash 50p each
Celery 50p each
Melons 50p each
Basil 50p each
Parsley 50p each
Tomatoes £1.50 each

Marigold Mix x6 £2.50
Teddy Bear Sunflowers 50p each
Sunflower Mix 50p each
Sea Holly 50p each
Tobacco Plant 50p each
Common Daisy x6 – £2.50

Squirrel tail £1.00 each
Bunny Tail £1.00 each

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