Take a look at our current and recent projects we have coming up. Lots of new projects happening in Bradwell Abbey collaborating with Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre and Living Archive.

Three Gardens at Bradwell Abbey

Organisations Inter-Action MK and the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre, which are both based at the abbey, will be working together to create a Sensory Garden, a Children’s Garden and a Productive Garden in the grounds of the abbey. The project will bring the Milton Keynes community together through involving Carers, adults with learning difficulties, bereaved people and people with mental health issues, as well as local community organisations and individuals who live and work locally.

The Sensory Garden will allow visitors to enjoy a wide variety of sensory experiences. It will be designed planted and maintained by, amongst other people in the local community, people who are recently bereaved. This will help to improve mental wellbeing, giving those people the chance to enjoy fresh air and meet new people in a beautiful, historic environment.

The Productive Garden will become a community hub for producing local, fresh produce. Food grown in the Productive Garden will also be donated to local foodbanks and a community café enterprise in Milton Keynes. People who are unemployed and/or have mental health problems will be invited to design and plant the garden, and will also act as mentors for younger people on a supported apprenticeships in the garden, creating a mutually beneficial relationship helping those involved to build skills, gain confidence and socialise with new people.

Finally, the Children’s Garden will provide a space for young people to play in a safe environment whilst learning to enjoy nature. Local young people and young carers will be invited to design, plant and maintain the garden. Each Garden will have a Club, run by the members who helped to create it. The Club will hold events, Big Gardening Days and creative events.

The Gardens will also be a springboard for creative trails, exhibitions and new public art commissions.

Funding: The projects are supported by £10k of National Lottery funding from the Big Lottery Fund, £5k from Santander, £2k from MKC and contributions from MK Rotary, the One Family Foundation and the N Bucks Arts Society.

Bradwell Abbey and Me

Through the City Discovery Centre’s Bradwell Abbey and Me project, local residents and groups who use the Abbey grounds will be invited to express what the Centre means to them and its importance to the local area. Their responses will be included in the finished Sensory Garden (see below) through voice recordings that will be played out and displayed around the Discovery Centre both inside and out.

Bradwell Abbey and me is being coordinated by Living Archive. Inter-Action are helping to recruiting and mentoring young adult carers and others who face challenge to undertake the interviews and filming of the participants.



Campaign is a partnership project with Arts and Heritage Alliance (AHA).  Campaign is a  youth led project to raise awareness of youth mental health issues, taking a positive stance on getting support through a City-Wide Campaign, a Community Radio Show, a song and social media campaign, a Video Blog and a Toolkit of advice and services, delivered by young people aged between 11 and 18 themselves via a Roadshow.   The project will deliver:

  • Detailed and in-depth research/consultation with service delivery partners, potential recruitment agencies and those who will receive the roadshow
  • Creative workshop sessions led by artists and mentors for a cohort of children and young people to shape the campaign and the project.
  • Finding and supporting the core team of young people and helping them shape Phase 2 including the campaign, toolkit and roadshow outputs.

Campaign will work creatively and positively with young people who face or are at risk of mental health challenges and/or suffer bullying especially via social media. The project links to the MK Cultural Education Partnership programme, drawing on a mental health pilot commissioned by the CCG and MKC Public Health. It will also link to other youth focused mental health support work and services including school governor initiatives, Healthy YP network, YCAB mental health projects and Young Carers.  After this phase, we will move to Phase 2 which will be the delivery of the Campaign, Toolkit and Roadshow.

As we do not want to pre-empt the results of Phase 1, we do not know what form the Campaign or the Toolkit will take, but we envisage a project which will include:

  • Working with a professional media organisation to develop a creative youth-led campaign
  • Recording a song in a recording studio and producing a video blog
  • Researching and producing a toolkit of advice and services available locally and nationally and also advice for educators and peers direct from the young people themselves
  • Setting up and launching the roadshow to be delivered by the young people with mentored support

Phase 3 will be the Campaign Legacy and will include opportunities for the Young People who shape and deliver the project to become Youth spokespeople and consultees on Mental Health, to volunteer and become trustees on Boards.  Because of our strategic partnerships with the CCG and MK Council and through the CEP, the results of the toolkit should become embedded in continuing practice and services.

Funding: Phase 1 is supported by funding from Community Foundation.

Groovy Gecko

Groovy Gecko is a successful and exuberant nightclub for disabled adults, with musical marvel’s DJ
Jamie Stimpson. It’s held on the first Tuesday of every month at the Slug and Lettuce in the heart of Milton Keynes.

We have a wonderful GG Crew with
helpful, kind and enthusiastic members who help maintain things on the night.

GG offers fantastic opportunities such as to socialise and make new friends,
become more independent and boost confidence, enjoy a mix of the latest and classic tunes and just have FUN!

All you have to do is turn up on the night and queue up to purchase your tickets.

(If you are a Groovy Gecko member, please ensure you have your membership card with you when buying your tickets.)

You MUST be 18 or over.

Members – £5
Non Members – £7
Carers – £3

GG Membership £10 per year
Follow us on Facebook to receive updates and to share photos! FB: Inter-Action MK

The Slug & Lettuce,
1 Savoy Crescent, Theatre District,
Milton Keynes MK9 3PU


Our third GetIn! project. This programme is aimed at long term unemployed people from 19 years old upwards who face challenges. There is no upper age limit.

The course is targeted, supportive and offers a series of sessions with leaders and mentors followed by short placements across the creative industries.

Our participants have included a computer programmer in his 40s, people with mental health and anxiety issues, a 19-year-old carer, someone with difficult family issues, a former arts student who through mental health issues has lost skills and motivation, a graduate with cerebral palsy and someone in their early 20’s with Asperger’s.

It is designed to increase soft employment skills such as confidence building and mentoring to empower people into volunteering or a return to work. People from our previous courses have gone on to further education, to part time and full-time work or to volunteering and mentoring others.

The course will run between 9th October and 15th November 2018 at Unit 9, Bridgeturn Avenue, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK 12 5QL, a music venue and recording studio.

The Get In! course will involve working with professionals alongside the course leaders to learn all the skills which go into producing and promoting artists.

We are not expecting participants to become music Artists. They will just be working in a creative and relaxed environment to learn skills and through team work. They will then be supported to present and promote their own skills and experience to employers in the heritage and arts sector or other and then to undertake a short work placement which we will have brokered beforehand.

– Participants must not have worked for at least 6 months if they are between 19-25 or for 12 months or longer if they are over 25.
– Participants must be at least 19 years old.
There is no upper age limit although this course may suit younger participants as it is based in a music studio and venue.
– We have 14 places.
– Course participants will attend two sessions a week between:
10.30am – 1.30pm each Tuesday and Thursday for 5 weeks of the six week period given above.
– During their time they will then take up at least two sessions on placement which we will broker tailored to the participants interests and needs.